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The Ding Dong Project focused on blending theatre, clowning, and live music and was my response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. It consisted of 3 key elements; a new performance piece, a series of workshops for young people, and an Ebook workshop guide so others can run the project themselves. The project was supported by Arts Council England and Playbox Theatre

The Performance Piece

This piece was inspired by some music teachers in the US who stuck push bells to their clothes and played Christmas songs. I have wanted to bring together my background in singing with my current performance style for some time and this concept seemed like a good place to start. Essentially, the piece follows a character thrown into a situation that takes them aback. We follow failure after failure, but this is what brings him to success.

The Workshops

The workshops were run in December 2020, during the COVID pandemic. They were created for 15 participants, aged 14-18 years, and were free to attend. They were socially distanced and encouraged new and interesting workshop content that worked with restrictions. We explored blending theatre, clowning, and live music through games and exercises, all culminating in a digital performance.

The Ebook

The Ebook was the final aspect of the project. It includes all a full breakdown of how we ran each session of the project, including games and exercises that contribute to the artistic content. We have also included all of the musical resources we created, allowing anyone to run the sessions themselves. There is also a breakdown on how you could create your own musical resources, regardless of your musical knowledge! By purchasing this Ebook you can also borrow all of the equipment we used for the project, if it available, for free! 

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We are currently selling the Ebook for £10. If you are interested in purchasing it then please email

If you have any other questions in regards to any aspect of this project then please get in touch!

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